Commissions currently closed, come back later!


Base PricesFlat colored $25
Shaded $30-35

+50% per extra character
-25% If only Halfbody/headshot
+50% Simple Background
+100% Full Background
+$5 per revision beyond the 3rd
+$10 Rush order within 2 weeks
+$15 Rush order within 1 week
+10% complex characters and requests

Order Form

Terms of Service

Will draw

✦ Feral /Animals
✦ Anthro
✦ Humanoids
✦ Fan Character(s)
✦ Original Character(s)
✦ Canon Character(s)

Won't Draw

✦ NSFW or gore.
✦ OC x canon.

*Platonic is fine.
✦ Controversial/Offensive topics.
Political, religious, racist, sexist, LGBTQ+phobic, ableist, etc.
I will let you know if I don't feel comfortable drawing your request when you contact me.

Payment & Process

✦ Paypal (USD) only.✦ After discussing your order, I will send you an invoice.✦ You must pay before I start.✦ I will provide progress updates as requested, and allow up to 3 free revisions. Anything exceeding that will cost $5 per revision at the time you request them. Work won’t continue otherwise, and you will not be refunded.✦ I don’t currently have an ETA for how long art will take. If you have a deadline, please tell me when making your request. I will not accept deadlines shorter than 7 days.✦ I will NOT refund you unless I am unable to finish your request.✦ You may request the commission be private, and I will not post it publicly. I reserve the right to share it privately.


✦ I reserve the right to decline requests.✦ Character(s) must have a clear reference picture, or description.✦ There will be an additional charge for complicated requests, detailed characters, or orders with deadlines.✦ You may use your commission however you like, but please credit me if you post it.✦ Do not use my art for profit unless I grant you permission.
For example selling prints, selling it to other people, NFTs, etc.